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Statistics Reveal That Motorcycle Accidents Are On The Rise

Posted by attorney Christopher Hoffmann

Motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of deaths that occur on roads. With the increase in the number of motorcycles on US roads, the number of accidents and fatalities are also increasing. As per the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration motor cyclists are 35 times more prone to fatal road accidents than those driving cars or trucks. Of all the accidents occurring on US roads, 11 percent involve motor cycles. Also, most fatalities in motor cycle accidents occur due to head injuries.

Statistics show that in 13 of the last 14 years, motor cycle accident figures have shown a steady increase. Missouri has been no different. While data for 2012 is still being compiled, 2011 statistics painted a gloomy picture, and the same can be expected for 2012. In 2011, the number of fatal motor cycle accidents was 81, while 1,893 cases of personal injury involving motor cycle accidents were reported. 82 people died in motor cycle accidents in 2011, and another 2,166 persons were injured. If we study the figures of motor cycle accidents of past few years, the number of motor cycle accidents has increased in the United States and particularly in the state of Missouri.

In recent months a number of fatal motor cycle accidents have been reported in Missouri. In mid-April, for instance, a couple from Missouri met with a fatal motor cycle accident near Lake of the Ozarks. A man and his wife were driving on highway 87 in Miller County when their Harley Davidson crashed with a sports utility vehicle. The tragic accident occurred when they tried to cross the centre line of the highway. They were rushed to the hospital, but were unfortunately declared dead by the doctors.

In another fatal motor cycle accident that occurred on June 2, a 68 year old Springfield man lost his life on the Interstate 44 on-ramp. He was driving his Harley Davidson on Missouri 360, and just when he took a left turn for I-44, his motor cycle collided with a rock, killing him instanly. The two accidents that occurred just a few days apart have drawn attention back to the increasing number of fatal motor cycle accidents that occur on Missouri roads every year.

Anyone who is a victim of a motor cycle accidents needs an experienced motor cycle accident attorney who can help fight their case in a court of law, and get the compensation such an individual is entitled to. It takes a special understanding of motor cycle accidents, including the investigation that follows, nature of the injuries sustained, and other legalities involved to fight these cases in court. Oftentimes, motorcyclists are wrongfully accused of exceeding the speed limit and the case is turned against them. An attorney who is experienced in such cases, can help the victims receive justice. It is advisable to contact an attorney the moment you find yourself involved in a motor cycle accident.

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