Written by attorney John Andrew Campanella

Standard DUI punishment for Sacramento

Almost all persons convicted of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offense DUI will be placed on unsupervised court probation. The 4 standard terms and conditions are:

1) Do not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol.

2) Do not refuse a chemical test when requested by law enforcement

3) Do not drive without a valid CA Driver’s license.

4) Obey all laws.

Standard first offense sentencing

1) 3 years of informal probation

2) 4 Standard terms and conditions of probation (See above)

3) 48 hours county jail – May be served on Sheriff’s Work Project (Two 8 hour days).

4) A fine of $480 plus penalty assessments equaling a grand total of $2200

5) Complete an alcohol class

a) .08-.14 court will order 3 month class

b) .15-.19 – 6 month class

c) .20 and higher as well as refusal cases ordered to 9 month class.

Standard 2nd offense sentencing

1) 4 years of informal probation (see conditions above)

2) 10 to 60 day’s jail sentence. May perform sheriff’s work project for all except for 4 days, which must be in Custody.

3) A fine of $480 plus penalty assessments totaling $2,200

4) Complete an 18 month DUI class.

*All Sacramento DUI convictions will also require an Ignition Interlock Device.

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