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Spray Foam Insulation Problems in Florida: Still Prevalent

Spray foam insulation problems are cropping up in many communities, causing adverse health effects for homeowners, forcing them to leave their homes. Most families make improvements to their home to add value and save on energy costs. Many homeowners attempted to do this with spray foam attic insulation. This product touts many benefits, but are the benefits worth the risks?

Spray Foam Insulation Problems

According to WFTV News Channel 9, at least a dozen homeowners and their families in Florida have suffered from health hazards caused by spray foam. The insulation, which is sprayed into the roof of the house or behind walls, may release toxic chemicals and gases, including formaldehyde. It has caused people to suffer from flu-like symptoms. One woman, Cynthia Gibson, even experienced a racing heart and hyperventilation, and subsequently collapsed.

Gibson’s family had utilized spray foam to cut down on energy costs. However, after suffering weeks with flu-like symptoms, they consulted with their doctor and were instructed to leave the house. “Everything kept getting worse and worse, and we had to leave," Gibson explains.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists several possible health effects of exposure to the chemicals of the insulation during and after installation. The materials in spray foam attic insulation can irritate the eyes, skin and lungs, and could cause allergic reactions. It can also cause asthma. In some cases, the asthma attacks can be life-threatening.

Spray foam insulation problems also carry financial consequences. Many homeowners are forced to abandon their homes and live elsewhere. In one case, a homeowner spent $100,000 in renovations - including new appliances, countertops and cabinets – only to have to desert it because of insulation problems.

In addition, these homeowners now have to deal with the legal process – with help from attorney Vincent Pravato – to place liability on the spray foam attic insulation makers and installers.

Arguments from Spray Foam Attic Insulation Makers

The insulation makers believe that they are not at fault. Some claim that no spray foam insulation problems have occurred in most of the homes that have the insulation installed. Instead, they blame other sources within the home. They point out that spray foam is an effective solution for saving energy costs because of its ability to tightly seal leaks. The makers recommend it for areas such as Florida because of the warm, humid climate.

This insulation could continue to be a problem for multiple planned housing communities that may install the insulation. This could cause the number of homes with these problems to grow. I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg," attorney Vincent Pravato told WFTV. “I think you will end up with multiple communities and hundreds and hundreds of homes."

Contacting a Florida Injury Lawyer

Spray foam can cause serious health conditions and symptoms in those who are exposed to it. If you suffered injuries from spray foam attic insulation, contact a personal injury attorney at Wolf & Pravato in Florida. Wolf & Pravato can help those who are experiencing spray foam insulation problems file a claim to recover compensation. Call (800) 428-3476.

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