Written by attorney Matthew Robert Kaminski | Apr 19, 2019

Spousal Maintenance factors in Washington State

Matthew Kaminski, the managing attorney at Yakima Law, goes over the factors set down for Spousal Maintenance in Washington State. There are a lot of anecdotal answers to 'How do you calculate maintenance?" Some will claim its 1/2 the term of the marriage. Other's go higher or lower. After more than ten years of litigating matters, I can tell you that there are no formulas for calculating maintenance. It is up to the wide discretion of the court based on the factors in RCW 26.09.090. The most important factors is the need of the party asking for maintenance and the ability of the other spouse to pay that maintenance. A well crafted financial declaration can help show the financial need by detailing all the expenses that they have. Having good representation can make the all the difference.

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