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Sports & Entertainment Law Overview

Posted by attorney Michael Melfi

What is ‘Sports & Entertainment Law?’

Sports & Entertainment clients have always been a part of our firm’s family and it is no surprise that it is included in our firm’s’ services. Some of the key areas include contract negotiations, reputation management, and law for the modern age. This primarily includes social media, and digital reputation management. With an ever-innovating Internet space, we make it our business to stay on the edge and keep you ‘on your game.’

Marketing and Endorsement Consulting - For over 100 years, companies have utilized professional athletes to pitch their products and services through athlete endorsements, athlete spokespersons, event endorsements and celebrity endorsements. Companies spend billions of dollars each year on these endorsements. Who is on your team advising and representing you in these efforts?

Our team can assist you in conducting the necessary due diligence to ensure the deal you are entering into benefits your brand or organization while providing the best financial structure.

Contract Negotiation - In the art of negotiation, whether it is business or personal requires planning and execution. With the proper plan with our team, you can obtain favorable results that will benefit you during your next contract negotiation. Melfi & Associates seeks to produces contracts that capture the value presented in the business opportunity and describe how the parties will work together to realize business value. Our contracts are driven by deal making, not the other way around!

Corporate Legal Advice and Assistance - We have a proven track record of successfully handling virtually all aspects of an online presence and understand how these matters are handled by the web community at large, courts and in litigation. Because we are a niche law firm, we know how to move the ball down the field in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

As an organization, individuals or brands placing themselves on the Internet or conducting business in the sports and entertainment industries, there are going to be instances where you need sound legal advice for how to proceed. Whether you are dealing with Contract Law, Copyright Law or even Constitutional Law, the experts at Melfi & Associates can assist you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Creating Business Opportunity - You are your own brand; your company has an image. Every company needs to develop business opportunities. Are you looking for a professional who knows how to take you money or make you money? The team at Melfi & Associates is skilled in creating opportunities for you and your career.

Melfi & Associates can help your company, in-house counsel or trusted outside firm navigate the challenging issues presented by an increasingly complex online world.

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