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Solicitation of prostitution in Illinois

Solicitation is the criminal charge where a person arranges, offers, solicits, or directs another for an act of prostitution. Prostitution is the criminal charge where a person agrees, offers, or performs a sexual act for something of value. Law enforcement agencies vigorously enforce solicitation and prostitution laws. These charges are generally misdemeanors, but they may qualify as felonies under certain circumstances. Illinois law and local ordinances generally allow law enforcement agencies to impound vehicles allegedly used in the commission of these types of crimes. A person is usually required to pay a substantial fee in order to recover the impounded vehicle.

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A solicitation conviction may result in serious consequences for a person’s professional and personal life. The best outcome for a person facing a solicitation or prostitution charge is to convince the prosecution to dismiss the case. However, if the prosecution is unwilling to dismiss the case, experienced attorneys can review your case to determine whether a defense may apply. In most cases, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so if an agreement cannot be reached with the prosecutor or judge, your criminal defense attorney will be properly prepared to take your case to trial.

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