Written by attorney Brent Adams

Social Security Disability Conditions: Chronic Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain is one of those conditions so common and universal in nature that it can affect virtually anyone, regardless of age, gender, or other demographic information. Knee pain can develop as the result of a natural condition, can be the consequence of a serious accident resulting in injury, or even the byproduct of an illness. Depending on the nature of your knee pain, including its duration, severity, and how it impacts your life, you may require the services of a Raleigh Social Security disability attorney who can help you file and demonstrate your genuine need for Social Security disability insurance benefits.

Common Symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain can manifest in a variety of different ways, and every individual may experience these symptoms in their own way, with location, activity, cause, and severity ranging widely from person to person.

Common symptoms that may entitle you to Social Security disability benefits can include:

  • popping or crunching noises when flexing the knee joint;
  • knee joint “locking" or immobility;
  • inflammation, redness, and warmth to the touch;
  • stiffness and swelling;
  • instability and weakness of the joint and surrounding muscles;
  • inability to extend the knee joint fully, or to fully bend the joint; and
  • inability to put any weight on the leg, which can interfere with standing and walking.

Should you suffer from any of these symptoms over a prolonged period of time, contact a doctor and ensure that you receive a full medical evaluation. Be sure that all of your symptoms are independently noted in the documentation and request a copy of your pertinent medical records. If you have fallen because your knee gave out or locked up while standing or walking, indicate this to your doctor. If it occurred on multiple occasions, try to keep track if each instance in a journal and relay the frequency and number of occurrences to your doctor as well.

Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain is most commonly the result of an accident or traumatic injury, such as a sports accident, an auto accident, or a slip and fall incident; however, it can also be the result of more natural means, such as genetic abnormalities or aging. Arthritis can be a common culprit in contributing to knee pain, even in patients who are younger. If serious enough to debilitate the patient, arthritis-induced knee pain can be covered under Social Security disability insurance.

Some diseases may also be to blame for chronic knee pain, such as Osteochondritis dissecans, in which the cartilage between the bones of the knee becomes loosened and provides reduced support.

Knee Pain as a Qualifying Social Security Disability

If your knee pain has persisted for more than 12 months or if it can be shown that it is expected to persist for more than 12 months and is great enough that it prevents you from engaging in substantially gainful activity, you may be eligible for disability benefits by contacting a Raleigh Social Security disability attorney. Schedule a free consultation at the law offices of Brent Adams & Associates by calling today – 1-800-849-5931.

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