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Social Security Consultative Exams

Posted by attorney Glen Cook

You may have been scheduled for an exam with Social Security. This is at no cost to you. It is very important you attend this exam. This may be an exam to test your cognitive/mental abilities. It could be an exam to test your physical abilities. This exam could make the difference in winning or losing your case.

Try your very hardest in the exam. The evaluator will likely administer tests to show if you are not trying hard enough or if you are over acting. Do not try to convince the evaluator you are disabled. Do not say you hurt “everywhere" or “all the time." Very few people have pain that is 10/10, which you should consider would be so bad you would pass out. Do not exaggerate your physical or mental problems. Do not make faces to show you are in pain. Just do your very best on the exams.

You should also no that many of the evaluators will watch you walk in and out of the building or office.

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