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So I Got a Public Defender?

This is a question every criminal defendant has asked. This is also a question that really hits close to home for our firm. Jon Hackworth served as an Assistant Public Defender in the Sixth Judicial Circuit after graduating from Stetson University College of Law.

About your assistant public defender, your public defender is an attorney certified by the Florida Bar. They passed the Florida Bar Examination, the test taken by all attorneys in Florida. Generally, the majority of public defenders are just out of law school, but are very passionate about their cases. The unfortunate realty is that they simply have too many cases. Often times, public defenders are faced with being responsible for hundreds of cases at a time. Their resources are also somewhat limited with investigating the facts of your case.

First, public defenders are hard working attorneys faced with crushing caseloads, that make it difficult to focus and investigate your individual case. Just like all professions, some are certainly better than others. These Florida criminal defense attorneys unfortunately bear the burden of ever shrinking budgets from Tallahassee. The services offered by Blumenauer Hackworth provide a more personal, focused approach to defending your rights and interest. For example, when you call our office you will speak to your attorney, not a paralegal, law clerk or secretary. You will speak to your attorney about your case when you need to.

Secondly, we can get involved in your case pre-arrest or before charges are formally filed. This is critical as it lets us investigate the case before evidence is lost or witnesses forget. Even more importantly, it lets us begin presenting the truth to the State Attorney's Office before formal charges are filed. This could save you the time, cost and hassle of facing the resources of the State or charges being reduced.

Lastly as a full service firm, Blumenaur Hackworth is a full service firm. Unfortunately, a criminal arrest or charge has legal implications well beyond simply the charge itself and a Florida criminal defense attorney is not prepared to handle all of the issues. Our team will provide you the thoughtful analysis and legal recommendations you deserve, need and expect.

Bluemanuer Hackworth offers free consultations, call today or use the chat feature of our website to set up a consultation. Remember choosing an attorney is one of the most important decisions of your life. At Bluemnauer Hackworth, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your cause and case. Remember we stand with you.

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