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Snowmobile Safety Requirements in Colorado

In Colorado, there is definitely no shortage of snow. What attracts most people to visit the state are the many outdoor activities that are provided. When the snow comes out, so do the snowmobiles. Snowmobiles are not just used by mountain patrol employees; they are also used for recreational activity. Any snowmobile that meets regulations can be driven at a state park as long as it possesses current registration. Although many people enjoy the fun of snowmobiles, they also tend to cause a lot of accidents. Almost anyone can operate one, but when the proper safety measures are not taken that is when injuries happen. Snowmobiles can cause injury to the people riding them, other snowmobile riders and in many cases cause injury to pedestrians skiing and snowboarding.

If you wish to operate a snowmobile in Colorado, the vehicle must be outfitted with a red tail lamp, a florescent flag and a white headlamp. The state also requires that all snowmobiles possess a muffler in good working order and brakes that can control he vehicle in any circumstance. The snowmobile must not be driven at a rate exceeding 20 miles-per-hour. If a snowmobile driver has failed to meet these standards and you are injured as a result, then you are entitled to file a personal injury claim against them. In some instances, a mechanical failure will cause the snowmobile to malfunction and cause injuries. If this is the case, then the manufacturer may be liable for the injuries if the machine was tested and found to have malfunctioned by no cause of the snowmobile’s operator.

It is also not advised to operate a snowmobile between the hours of sunset and sunrise. In a recent case of snowmobile accidents, a man lost his life after he drove his snowmobile into a tree. The accident took place at around 3 in the morning, when visibility was very minimal. Snowmobiles may be driven during dark hours if they are equipped with a headlamp powerful enough to illuminate 100 feet in front of the vehicle and a back red tail lamp that has a minimum visibility of being seen 500 feet away. There is also the danger of driving a snowmobile while intoxicated. It should go without saying that driving while intoxicated is prohibited, and if an intoxicated driver causes another person injury then they can have a personal injury claim filed against them. Contact a Denver personal injury attorney for legal help with snowmobile accidents.

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If you have been injured by a snowmobile, you are likely wondering what you can do to receive help. If you were not responsible for your injuries, a Denver personal injury attorney may be able to help. At Fisher Nandan Pangalos, the personal injury attorneys at their firm aim to help their clients receive compensation after an accident. Whether the snowmobile accident was caused while you were riding a snowmobile, by a mechanical malfunction or by a reckless driver that hurt you as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to a claim. Their firm can help you evaluate your case and navigate you through the legal process. You need a skilled attorney from their firm to help you after your injury, so contact a Denver snowmobile accident attorney from Fisher Nandan Pangalos today to see how they can help you.

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