Written by attorney Hubert Ray Steinmann

Six Signs You Hired a Bad Lawyer (for you)

In a perfect world every lawyer would be a perfect match for every client. In the real world your attorney's personality and style needs to match your needs as well satisfy your legal goals. Sometimes even the best attorney in the courtroom and office can cause you additional stress and money.

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Lawyers, like products, may rate high in some of the above categories and low in others. The purpose of this article is simply to point out a way to rate your experience so that you can do better the next time you or a loved one need a lawyer, or to give you a reason to bail now and find one more suited to you and your needs to gird up for battle with. Firing a lawyer is just as easy if not easier than hiring one. A competent lawyer can usually come into a case at any point in the process either by agreement or by force. A competent lawyer is what any person needs to go to war with. If you feels dissatisfied with the way your case is progressing or information is communicated to you, tell your lawyer. He may very well think everything is fine the way it is. Give him a chance to change or modify his relationship with you, and if he doesn't, move on. There are as many ways to run an office and manage a legal case as there are laws on the books. Find the one right for you. Good luck and God bless.

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