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Silver Spring Medical Malpractice Lawyer | College Park Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney

Posted by attorney Jonathan Portner

Giving patients the wrong medication can lead to serious medical complications and even death. Silver Spring, Maryland patients in every type of medical setting, from hospitals to nursing homes to pharmacies, are being given incorrect medication and incorrect dosages. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Portner & Shure are shocked to discover that approximately 100,000 patients are given the wrong medication from medical professionals every year. Medical professionals may improperly give medication through incorrect prescriptions, improper dosage, improper timing, mixing prescriptions between patients, improperly combining medication, and misreading hastily written prescriptions. Top medical malpractice attorneys know that these types of accidents can cause serious medical injury and even death, but are completely preventable. When administering medication, medical professionals are taught to follow the “5 Rs" to ensure that patients safely receive the medication they need. They are taught to check that the Right medication is given to the Right person in the Right dosage in the Right route at the Right time. If these standards are not upheld, then the victim may be able to collect damages for medical malpractice from the medical professional with the help of an experienced Silver Spring, Maryland medical malpractice attorney from Portner & Shure. To ensure your own protection against prescription errors, the medical malpractice attorneys from Portner & Shure advise that you ask for the name of the drug, the correct dosage, and when and how the drug should be taken. When you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy, or when medication is administered to you by a nurse, double check the medication with the information that you received from your doctor. You can also protect yourself by letting your doctor know of all current medications that you are taking and any medical conditions that you may have. Never be afraid to ask questions to clarify your understanding of the medication that you are receiving. You have a right to be informed, especially when your health is on the line.

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