Written by attorney Jeffrey H. Rasansky

Should You Contact and Online School Scam Lawyer?

If you feel like you got jilted by an online school, don't think that you are the only one. In fact, the federal government has been investigating several online schools for making exaggerated claims, financial aid fraud and other serious issues. Lawyers are aware of these scams and some lawyers are adding to their practices the service of representing people who have been defrauded by an online school.

Inflated Promises?

Were you given inflated promises by the online school that you attended? This is one of the most common complaints that students of these schools end up having. The way it usually occurs is that they sign up to a school that guarantees them that they can find the student employment at a particular company or in a particular business sector. When the student graduates – oftentimes tens of thousands of dollars in debt for the trouble – they find out that the school cannot find them employment as they promised. There are situations where this ascends to the level of fraud and you should speak to an attorney about it if this has happened to you.

Financial Aid Fraud?

Did your online school ask you to fudge on your financial aid applications to get more money? Again, they might have committed an act of fraud and, even worse, put you in the position of actually having participated in it. If one of the financial aid counselors at an online school asked you to inflate your financial aid, you may want to speak to an attorney.

Worthless Degree?

There are far too many ex-students of online universities out there trying to get jobs with worthless degrees. This isn't their fault. Most of them were promised that their degrees would be accepted by businesses in the field that they chose to study and, unfortunately, many of the students found out that this is not at all the case. Selling someone a worthless good or a worthless service is something that a lawsuit can be filed over.

An online school scam lawyer might be able to help you if you were taken for a ride by a college or online university that did not live up to its promises. This can be complex, so speak with an attorney to figure out whether or not you do have good reason to file a lawsuit. Unlike the online universities, some lawyers will allow you to pursue your case without paying upfront fees and the services of these lawyers are worth every penny that you do pay for them.

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