Written by attorney Jonathan C. Ginsberg

Seven Reasons Why Your Atlanta Social Security Disability Case Was Denied

Why did Social Security deny your disability case? No doubt it was a difficult decision for you to reach the conclusion that you cannot work and need disability benefits, and certainly the 2+ year delay in having your case heard caused hardship.

What went wrong?

In this video, I reveal the seven reasons I see and have seen over the past 25+ years that explain why your case was likely denied.

If you know what makes judges decide to deny your claim, you and your lawyer can take the necessary steps to fix these potential problems well before your hearing. This video will also help you step into the shoes of a judge who will have all of 45 to 60 minutes to evaluate the struggles you have been living with for years or even decades.

There is a formula that applies to winning Social Security #disability cases hopefully this video will help you understand what it takes to win.

Let me know what you think? Leave me a comment. Are there other factors that may also apply? Are the expectations demanded by Social Security judges too unrealistic? #ssdi #atlantasocialsecuritydisability #winsocialsecuritydisability

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