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Selecting a Lawyer After a Traumatic Brain Injury

An attorney representing persons with traumatic brain injury and their families should have specialized information and experience in this practice area. It is important to find an adequate attorney as the results of the lawsuit will have a long-term impact on the quality of life.

Wen we represent a person who is brain injured, what we do and have to do is always involve the family. A TBI is a severe situation not only for the individual who suffered it but also for the family members who are there to offer support. We always want to talk to the family and find out how the person is doing. Most of the time in TBI cases, the family is going to be the best people to give the information needed about the TBI victim, the accident, how the person is progressing after their brain injury. This is information needed to develop a case.

The brain injured person has to go to therapy almost every day to get better. Therefore, the family is in the best situation, most of the time, to help us get the information, the documents, the medical records, the medical bills, to help us make sure that the product that caused the injury is kept and not destroyed.

We try to make sure that our client is in the best facility possible to get the best care he/she needs. Many facilities around the country specialize in these type of injuries, and as we've dealt with many of them, I like to make sure our client is in the best facility possible to treat his/her injuries.

When the case begins, we take the time to work with the client very carefully. Different injuries result in different circumstances. For example, a person may not have any memory of the accident and even what he/she was doing the day before because many times in a brain injury there is no short term memory but the long-term memory still exists. In other cases people lose the long-term memory, they can't remember what happened in the days, weeks, months before the accident but they can remember what happened yesterday. These are some of the things a lawyer has to take into account when representing brain injured clients.

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A traumatic brain injury medical malpractice attorney will be able to examine the circumstances of your injury. To make sure you are taking the right approach, consult counsel before you begin filing a claim in Florida.

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