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SCV and SFV Personal Injury Attorney | Discussion About Motorcycle Accidents | The Mason Law Firm

Posted by attorney Mason Rashtian

According to a report prepared by Governors Highway Safety Association, fatalities in motorcycle accidents in the United States dropped by 16% to 4,465 in 2009. This was the first time in 12 years that fatalities involving motorcyclists had decreased.

Even with this reduction, any accident involving a motorcyclist unfortunately results in serious injuries, if not death. For example, statistics gathered in 2006 reveal that for every mile traveled in the US, there were 35 times more deaths resulting from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents. This great discrepancies is related to the fact that motorcycles provide much less protection in crashes as compared with other vehicles. What are the common causes of these motorcycle accidents? Often times, an accident occurs when a motorist makes a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist, striking him or her or forcing the motorcyclist to swerve to avoid an impending collision. This type of accident usually occurs because the motorist failed to see the motorcyclist or did not expect a motorcycle to be passing on the left. Accidents can also occur when a vehicle is making a right-hand turn, but that occurs less frequently. Many times, motorcyclists are struck head-on as opposed to the rear or the side. In these head-on collisions, chances of sustaining a serious injury or death dramatically increases because the motorcyclist is typically thrown from his or her bike. Other times, an accident occurs because a motorcyclist is lane-splitting. This type of accident typically occurs when the motorcyclist is driving between two lanes of traffic with vehicles stopped in each lane or vehicles that are moving slowly. Regardless of how an accident occurs, it is crucial that the injured motorcyclist seeks advice from a personal injury attorney. Remember that most personal injury attorneys handle accident cases on a contingency basis. So, it costs you nothing to speak with such an attorney.

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