Written by attorney Robert E Wisniewski

Scheduled Injury for Arizona Workers' Compensation

Arizona law recognizes two types of permanent injuries: (i) scheduled; and (ii) unscheduled.

  • A scheduled injury includes permanent work related injuries that involve a part of the body such as the eye, arm, hand, leg, foot, or ear.
  • With scheduled injuries, there are established periods allowed for compensation predetermined by state law, legal precedent and set insurance company policies.
  • The percentage of disability determined by your doctor is plugged into a formula used to calculate a permanent disability.
  • The award is paid out over a set number of months indicated in the formula and then end.
  • The employer’s insurance company will determine the amount they will pay each month and for how many months it will pay. It is important to pay careful attention to these awards because they are commonly miscalculated in favor of the insurance company.
  • The injured worker may also be eligible to receive vocational training from the state if you are unable to continue your prior job.

There are often many disputes over permanent injuries with scheduled awards.

Robert Wisniewski, Esq. has the experience necessary to determine the type of injury that you have suffered and the award that you are entitled to receive. Call his office at (602) 234-3700 to schedule a free Workers’ Compensation consultation

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