Written by attorney Howard M Lewis

Sample Divorce Interrogatories (Part 2)

Set forth the name and address of each of your creditors, the basis for each debt, the contents of any written evidence of each debt, the date each debt was incurred, the amount due on each debt as of the date of the Answers to these Interrogatories, whether the obligation is contingent, and a description of any such contingency.

Set forth the name and address of each bank or credit union in which you have had any checking account, savings account, money market account, trust certificate, certificate of deposit and any other account in your name, or with any other party, and state the balances in each of said accounts.

If you have created either a irrevocable or revocable trust, describe in detail each instrument incorporating such trust. In lieu thereof, a copy of each trust instrument may be attached hereto.

Describe each policy of life insurance on your life and/or your spouse's life, setting forth the name of the company issuing the policy; the number of each policy; the amount of each policy; the type of insurance, whether whole, endowment, level term, reducing term or otherwise; the names of the primary and/or contingent beneficiaries designated in each policy; and the amount of cash surrender value for each policy as of the date of the Answers to these Interrogatories.

Set forth the make, model, year, fair market value and owner of any automobile, recreational vehicle, trailer, motor home or boat owned or used by you.

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