Written by attorney Howard M Lewis

Sample Divorce Interrogatories (Part 1)

Below is a list of sample interrogatories. Interrogatories vary from case to case depending on the particular issues in the case. These samples are meant to give you a general idea of what type questions you may ask and what wording to use. Remember, when you send Interrogatories send a copy to the opposing party/counsel, a copy to the court and keep a copy for yourself.

State your present residence address, and identify all other persons residing at your residence address.

Describe in detail your educational background, and include the names and addresses of all institutions that you have attended, the dates of attendance, and a description of the degrees or certificates that you have obtained.

Describe each position of employment held by you, and include the name and address of your employer, the dates of your employment, your official title, if any, a description of all compensation that you received including bonuses, and any benefits provided by the employment.

Describe in detail all of your sources of income or compensation, whether or not reported on any tax return, and, as to all income and assets or services received, set forth the income, assets or services received, the nature and amount of any deductions or set-offs, and the net amount received.

Describe in detail each and all of your assets,not including household goods and furnishings.

List all household goods and furnishings in your possession and state your opinion as to the fair market value of each item.

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