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Sample California Rest Break Policy

Free California Sample Rest Break Policy

Rest Breaks

All employees are entitled to one 10-minute paid rest break per four (4) hours worked, or major fraction thereof—the only exception being that an employee who works a total of three-and-a-half (3½) hours or less during the day is not entitled to any rest break. Therefore, an employee who works more than three-and-a-half (3½) hours and up to six (6) hours is entitled to one (1) rest break. An employee who works more than six hours and up to ten hours is entitled to two (2) rest breaks. An employee who works more than ten (10) hours and up to fourteen (14) hours is entitled to three (3) rest breaks.

  • Rest breaks must be taken as close to middle of the four (4) hour period as possible.
  • Rest breaks should not be taken within one (1) hour of a meal period.
  • Employees do not need to clock out for breaks, or otherwise record break time.

However, employees must immediately report to their supervisor if they are unable to take a rest break for any reason.

  • Breaks should not be combined with the meal period, and should be taken separately.
  • If a rest break is interrupted for any work-related reason, it must be restarted so that a full ten (10) minutes can be taken in one block. Any instance in which a rest break is interrupted and restarted must be reported to the supervisor.

Disciplinary Action for Failure to Comply with Company's Meal Period and Rest Break Policies

We expect that employees will continue to comply with our meal period and rest break policy. Employees not complying with the policy (e.g., employees who take a short or late meal period or rest break, skip a meal period or rest break, or fail to accurately record their work time and meal periods) will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. The Company expects that you will comply with the requirements of this policy at all times. If for any reason you are prohibited, dissuaded, or discouraged from taking any meal period or rest break, or if you are required by your supervisor or by working conditions to take any meal period or rest break late or for a shortened period of time, you must contact your supervisor or Human Resources immediately. In addition, please address questions or concerns you may have regarding this policy with your supervisor or with Human Resources.

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