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Rockwall Divorce Guide

Are yon considering filing a divorce in Rockwall County? At Guest and Gray we understand how difficult a decision this is. I know you have many questions about Rockwall divorce and this guide with links below to help you research the issues in details.

  1. Agreed or Contested Divorces in Rockwall

Agreed divorces are becoming more popular in Rockwall County. Our firm has helped many clients avoid the expense and stress of protracted litigation with an agreed divorce. But agreed divorces are not for everyone. You must agree literally agree on every issue- the house, the cards, credit card debt, etc. Agreed divorces most often break down over the issue of child support and custody. You should know that in an agreed divorce a lawyer can only represent one party. That is, our firm could not represent both husband and wife. If you believe your divorce might be agreed call us for a free consultation.

Contested Divorces in Rockwall

Most divorces are still contested in that the parties file a lawsuit and do not have an agreement in place. These cases most often start off with what's a called a temporary orders hearing. A temporary orders hearing in Rockwall is used to set the ground rules for the divorce. That is, the temporary orders tell each party what their rights and duties are while the case is pending. A Rockwall divorce can take over a year to finalize, and these rules protect you and your property.

The most important issue at a temporary orders hearing is always child custody. The second most contested issue is child and spousal support. These hearings will require one party to pay for any community debts, most often the house.


Many Rockwall Divorce cases are settled in mediation. Mediation is where the parties meet with a third party to try to settle the case before going to trial. Mediation is useful in Rockwall divorces because the parties still have some control over the process. If you have a trial, the judge or jury will control your future. We have a certified family law mediator on staff to help with your Rockwall divorce mediation.

This is just a short introduction into the Rockwall Divorce process. There are many more issues to consider and that we can discuss at your consultation like - protective orders, retirement accounts, visitation agreements, home studies, discovery, drug tests, and social studies. If you have a question about Rockwall Divorces call us for a free confidential consultation.

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