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Resisting Arrest

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

In Arizona, if you are approached by the police and told you are under arrest, do not add to the list of potential charges by resisting arrest. Consequences of Resisting Arrest Resisting arrest in Arizona is a serious crime - a class 6 felony. You may be innocent of the underlying charges, or the underlying charges may be misdemeanors, a civil traffic ticket, or a petty offense, but if you resist arrest in Arizona you've just rocketed your case into the felony world and may be dealing with some pretty serious consequences. Options for those Charged with Resisting Arrest If you are charged with resisting arrest in Arizona you may have some defenses. For example, you may not have known that the person attempting the arrest was a police officer. Or the police officer may not have been acting under color of law at the time of the arrest. Finally, resisting arrest in Arizona is justified if the police officer uses more force than is allowed under the law.

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