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Requests for Production

Posted by attorney Howard Lewis

You may request documents from the opposing party that relate to issues in your divorce case. The “request for production" of documents must set forth the items to be inspected. You must describe the documents by individual item or by category. Below are samples of information or documents you can ask for:

All written reports of each person whom you expect to call as an expert witness at trial.

All documents upon which any expert witness you intend to call at trial relied to form an opinion.

All written, recorded, or signed statements of any party, including both parties to the divorce, witnesses, investigators, friends, family members or employer of the parties concerning the subject matter of this divorce action.

All photographs, videotapes or audio tapes, emails, surveys or other graphic representations of information concerning the subject matter of this divorce action.

Any documents received pursuant to a subpoena request from any party.

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