Written by attorney Jeffery Michael Haupt

Repudiation and College Expenses

Indiana is one of a few states that allows for Courts to order college expenses. This order isn't mandatory, as the Court has to consider the ability of the parents to be able to actually pay the order. But, if it is ordered it becomes enforeceable like any other family law order.

Unfortunately, the area situations when relationships between the parent and the child break down for one reason or another. If the parent has reached out to the child, but the child continues to blow off the parent, then the child risk the possibility that the parent may not have to pay college expenses.

The legal term for this is Repudiation. What it means is that the child has cut ties with the parent and therefore the parent should not have to be responsible for optional expenses, such as college. Proving repudiation in court can be tough as it can require the child to be called as a witness and the line of questioning may be harsh, but if the court finds that the child has repudiated the parent, then the parent may be off the hook for college expenses.

Keep in mind, if the court does find that the relationship has been repudiated and doesn't award college expenses, the Court will keep regular child support going, as Indiana does require that child support to continue until the age of 21.

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