Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle | Nov 6, 2012

Repeat Felony Offenders vs. First-Time Felony Offenders

When someone commits a felony in Arizona, they are classified as either a first-time felony offender or a repeat felony offender. Because felonies are, by definition, more serious crimes than misdemeanors and other non-felony crimes, repeat felony offenders are given very harsh punishments in AZ.

Below are the likely prison sentences that a first-time felony offender will face in Arizona:

Felony Presumptive Sentence

Class 2 5 years

Class 3 3.5 years

Class 4 2.5 years

Class 5 1.5 years

Class 6 1 year

For a second felony, the likely prison sentence is the same as a first felony. However, a third-time felony offender will probably face the following increased time in prison:

Felony Presumptive Sentence

Class 2 9.25 years

Class 3 6.5 years

Class 4 4.5 years

Class 5 2.25 years

Class 6 1.75 years

Finally, for an offender who has committed four or more felonies, they will likely face the following prison sentences:

Felony Presumptive Sentence

Class 2 15.75 years

Class 3 11.25 years

Class 4 10 years

Class 5 5 years

Class 6 3.75 years

First-time felony offenders face strict consequences, and the penalties will only increase with additional felony convictions.

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