Written by attorney Jessica Lorene Campbell

Reinstating a suspended or revoked license after a DUI in WA

Author’s note: This guide is intended to assist first-offense DUI defendants with a non-commercial driver’s license in WA State and does not consider DOL implications associated with a Deferred Prosecution. This guide is not intended to replace legal representation by an attorney, but only to assist an individual charged with a DUI to better understand what implications a DUI will have on a driver’s license. Parts of this guide contain information gathered by personal experience, which may be different from the experience of other attorneys and may not apply to every case. The guide does not give any advice on and does not apply to federal law or law outside Washington State. DUI Laws change frequently in Washington and this guide discusses the law as it was on 2/13/13 and does not include laws published after that date.

Reinstating a Suspended License: After the suspension period is up, a license is not automatically returned to the defendant; the defendant must go to the DOL and ask to reinstate his or her license. There are several requirements that the defendant must satisfy first.

  • 1. Buy SR 22 (high risk) insurance and provide proof of the insurance to the DOL. The defendant has to have SR 22 for three years after getting his or her license reinstated.
  • 2. Provide proof that the IID is installed, if the IID requirement is still in place.
  • 3. If convicted of a DUI or a reckless driving, the defendant may be asked to show proof that the defendant has successfully completed alcohol treatment or is enrolled in an alcohol treatment program.
  • 4. Pay a reissue fee of $150.

Reinstating a Revoked License: If a license is revoked as opposed to suspended, the defendant meet the same requirments listed above for reinstating a suspended license, but must also retake the driver’s ability test.

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