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Reconsidering Prescription Drugs

Posted by attorney Jeffrey Rasansky

Reconsidering Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs can make life better for people who suffer from a range of conditions. Unfortunately, they can also make life much worse. A defective product attorney can help you if you believe that you've been injured due to the effects of a prescription drug. There are some genuinely unsafe drugs out there and, if you've been affected by one, consider the following.

Were You Warned?

This is a big question if you're considering a lawsuit. There are drugs that have very unpleasant—sometimes life-threatening—side effects. Chemotherapy would be an example of such drugs. If these side effects were disclosed to you and if you willingly went on the medication, it's not certain that you can sue. An attorney can tell you for sure, however.

Flawed Devices

Sometimes, lawsuits are filed over medical devices rather than prescription drugs. In some cases, these devices are manufactured in ways that make them defective. When this happens, the person affected by the dangerous device sometimes has a viable lawsuit on their hands. You have to speak with an attorney about this. There have been plenty of cases where class-action lawsuits have been put together and where individuals have filed lawsuits on their own and successfully sued medical device providers over defective products.

Meeting an Attorney

The first thing you have to do to determine whether or not you have a viable lawsuit on your hands is to meet with an attorney. Product liability lawyers in Texas may be able to help you go after the drug manufacturer or the device manufacturer in court. A defective product attorney, however, will need to meet with you before they can determine whether or not they are the right person to represent you.

If you're worried about legal fees, realize that some defective product attorneys will work with you on a contingency basis. This means that you don't have to pay them unless they actually manage to win your claim. Winning your claim by a settlement counts as winning your claim overall.

If you don't win your claim, you don't end up owing the attorney any money if you're working on a contingency agreement. This is a good reason to consider filing a lawsuit to determine whether or not you do have a legitimate case against a drug or device manufacturer. Even if you don't have money to handle the legal fees up front, they can always be deducted from your jury award or settlement later, if you happen to win your claim.

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