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Reasons for Denial of Initial SSD Application in North Carolina

Posted by attorney Brenton Adams

In a lot of cases, initial Social Security disability claims are denied. Many times this is the result of applicants not understanding eligibility requirements. Or it may be due to applicants doing things that unnecessarily lead to a denial.

If you would like to learn more about the qualifications for disability, contact a Dunn Social Security disability lawyer. In addition, an attorney can help guide you through the claims process so that mistakes aren’t made.

Qualification in a Social Security Disability Claim

One of the biggest reasons for a denial is that the applicant doesn’t qualify. It is not enough that you are disabled; there are strict requirements that must be met.

For instance, if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition and you are expected to be disabled for six months, you won’t qualify. Your condition must be severe enough that it is expected to last 12 months (or have already lasted that long), or it must have an expectancy of death.

This can get tricky when it comes to certain injuries or medical conditions. Multiple fractures or a diagnosis of cancer may cause long-term impairments, but unless you can prove they are expected to last at least a year, you won’t qualify.

Another factor that will be considered, and could lead to a denial, is your work and income status. To be considered disabled, you must not be engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA).

This means you cannot be earning more than the current SGA limit, which can vary from one year to the next. An attorney will inform you of the current year’s SGA income limit.

Other Reasons for Social Security Disability Claim Denial

These reasons for denial are based on eligibility requirements. However, there may be other reasons you are denied that could be preventable.

One is that Social Security Administration (SSA) is having trouble contacting you. Because the process of filing a claim can take a long time, you may have moved or changed your phone number.

Unless you inform SSA, they won’t have the ability to let you know if more information is required. Or they may need you to undergo additional testing or examinations.

One of the ways you can avoid problems such as this is by hiring a disability lawyer to handle your case. However even then, you should still make sure you are keeping SSA up-to-date on any changes.

Another reason your Social Security disability claim may be denied is that you refuse SSA access to your medical records. Anytime information requested is not provided, it could easily lead to a denial.

A failure to follow the doctor’s instructions could also lead to a denial. Or if you fail to show up for appointments, this may lead to your claim being rejected. Cooperation is an important component of a successful outcome.

If you have questions on ways you may avoid a denial, or if your claim wasn’t approved and you would like to appeal it, contact a Dunn Social Security disability lawyer. They may be able to assist with the necessary steps to fight for your disability rights.

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