Written by attorney Jonathan C. Ginsberg

Reapplying for Social Security Disability Benefits After Losing at Your Hearing

If you lose at your Social Security #disability hearing, you have two options to consider: you can file an appeal with the Appeals Council, or you can file a new application for benefits. You cannot do both - you either need to appeal or start over.

In this video, I explain what you must know about starting a new application and reapplying for benefits after an #unfavorabledecision. You have only 60 days after receipt of the unfavorable decision to make your choice, and if you make the wrong choice you may not be eligible for benefits at all regardless of your medical condition.

I also advise my clients that they must be prepared to present something new when refiling their claim for disability benefits. There is a good chance that you will end up in front of the same judge who denied you in your first case so you need new, compelling evidence if you hope to change the judge’s mind.

You can win disability benefits when you reapply but your case will be more difficult. Hopefully this video will educate you about these challenges and offer ideas about how to proceed. #ssdi #startdisabilityapplication #reapplyforbenefitsafterhearingdenial #ssdihearing #secretstowinningdisability

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