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Randy Travis Gets Citation for Assault

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

Country singer, Randy Travis is in trouble with the law yet again. He received a citation for a Class C simple assault on Thursday, Aug 23 after he was involved in an altercation between his fiancé and her estranged husband. Apparently, his fiancé and her ex were arguing over visitation issues for their son. It’s unclear exactly how Travis got involved, but he reportedly left the scene with torn clothes.

A police spokesman has said that there is no evidence to show that Travis was intoxicated at the time. Travis was arrested earlier this month for a DUI after he ran his car off the road and then threatened to kill the police officers who found him.

As stated in ARS 13-1203, a person commits assault in Arizona if they:

-Knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally cause physical injury to another person.

-Intentionally place another person in fear of imminent physical injury.

-Knowingly touch another person with the intent to insult, injure, or provoke.

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