Written by attorney Corey Ira Cohen

Racing and Reckless Driving

Orlando, Florida: Defense of Reckless Driving Charges

Florida's "racing on highways" law makes it a criminal misdemeanor to engage in certain types of street racing and reckless driving. There is a big difference between getting a "racing on the highways" arrest and a traffic ticket for speeding or reckless driving: if you plead guilty to a racing on highways charge, you are pleading guilty to a criminal charge and you face a fine of up to $1,000 and a one-year jail sentence. Your driver's license can also be suspended for up to one year.

What Is "Racing on Highways"? Florida law (Florida Statutes 316.191) defines "racing on highways" as: "the use of one or more motor vehicles in an attempt to outgain or outdistance another motor vehicle, to prevent another motor vehicle from passing, to arrive at a given destination ahead of another motor vehicle or motor vehicles, or to test the physical stamina or endurance of drivers over long-distance driving routes."

The law also makes it illegal to be a spectator at any such race.

Why Not Just Plead Guilty? If you plead guilty to a racing on highways or reckless driving charge, you are potentially pleading guilty to something you did not do and that the prosecutor cannot actually prove. You will have a black mark on your criminal record and on your Department of Motor Vehicles Record, your car insurance rates may increase, and you will most likely be without a driver's license for a period of time up to a year.

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