Written by attorney Robert Michael Slutsky

Questions to Ask Financial Advisors You Are Considering Hiring

It is important to learn what things should be taken into consideration when hiring a financial advisor to protect yourself and your family.

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8. How often will you communicate. Are you paying less for less service? Will you be communicating a certain number of times per year? How much hand holding do you want/need/are willing to pay for. As much a financial therapist as a technician, a financial advisor can be many things. Make sure the person you hire is the type of advisor you need. 9. Where do I fit in your client base. If your advisor has mostly clients with $3.0 mil or above in investable assets and you have $500,000.00, will you get the attention you need? Or if your advisor mostly spends his time selling insurance products on smaller accounts to generate commissions will she have the time to oversee your larger investment portfolio or have the right skillset. Click on the Link Below to Learn More.

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