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Questions to ask a Doctor in a NY Medical Malpractice Deposition; New York Trial Lawyer Explains

Posted by attorney Gerald Oginski

You have decided to bring a lawsuit in New York against a doctor for being careless and causing you harm. At some point in the litigation process your attorney will have an opportunity to question the doctor you have sued in the form of a question and answer session, given under oath.

Many new clients don't know what goes on during this question and answer session. By the way, this session is also known as a deposition or in legal terms, an examination before trial (an EBT).

In today's video I share with you some quick and sample questions I use every day when I question doctors in a medical malpractice case in NY.

Interestingly, most lawyers start out the same way every single time. "Doctor, where did you go to medical school; where did you do your residency training; what hospitals were you affiliated with; what is your current title at the hospital you now belong to...

The problem with that line of questioning is that it does nothing to advance the case or get to the heart of the case. I'll get the answers to those questions later. Besides, I already know the answers to those questions way ahead of time. Researching the doctor you will be questioning is a requirement before going to his lawyer's office to ask him questions about what happened to you.

Watch the video to learn what some of them are.

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