Written by attorney Jake J Lee

Qualifying for Social Security Benefits can be tricky, Summit Disability Law Group Can Help

I was in law enforcement for almost 23 years and at one point I finally decided that I couldn’t do it anymore. Because after 10 hours at work it was all I could do to get home and get that duty belt off and stuff because my back was just killing me. So I decided to retire, but I also decided that I need to get my back fixed. I went and saw a specialist and apparently, I had back surgery 11 years ago and what has happened is that scar tissue from the surgery has actually grown around my sciatic nerve which causes me all kinds of pain, especially down my left leg. So I have to be careful when I walk, go upstairs, anything like that. So I’m thinking, “OK, I can’t go back to work doing some security job or anything like that.” So I thought that I needed to check into the social security benefits and I had seen the commercials on TV with Jake and I just liked his commercials and the way he talked. He sounded like he was somebody who was really sincere and that he would do you a good job. When you read in the book it tells you and explains what it is that qualifies you to deserve benefits and I felt that I did qualify according to the things that were in the book for my social security benefits. If I was a lot smarter, as soon as I got that book and read it, I would have contacted Jake first off instead of trying to do this on my own right at first. Because like I said I felt like I was getting the run around from one office to another. So my advice is if you’re needing social security benefits and that, it’s well worth it to contact Jake and have him walk you through the process, making sure everything gets filed. Because we’re doing a lot better now that we’re getting the benefits.

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