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Pulled Over after an Anonymous Tip and Arrested for a DUI in Frederick, Maryland

Some DWI cases begin with a DUI anonymous tipster alerting the police officer to a suspected drunk driver. Not every Maryland DUI arrest starts with a police officer observing a vehicle speeding or swerving all over the road.

4th Amendment & DUI Anonymous Tipster

As a brief background, the 4th Amendment prohibits police officers from arbitrarily and unreasonably stopping people to investigate crimes. However, police officers do not need probable cause to stop a person, without a warrant, to investigate possible crimes. Instead, police officers may conduct a brief investigatory stop if there is a reasonable articulable suspicion to believe a traffic violation has occurred, is occurring, or is about to occur. If police officers are able to point to specific and articulable facts, which, together with the rational inferences properly drawn therefrom, warrant a reasonable suspicion, then police officers may stop you.

In instances where a police officer is notified by an anonymous tipster that a traffic violation has occurred, is occurring, or is about to occur, then normally the police officer needs to corroborate the information received in order to justify the stop. Meaning, the police officer needs to observe a traffic violation that justifies the stop.

However, in some instances the police officer doesn't need to corroborate the anonymous tipster's information. Instead, if the anonymous tipster's information is deemed reliable and the nature of the complaint is such that it warrants a stop to protect the safety of people and property, then no police corroboration is needed.

In Maryland anonymous tipster drunk driving cases, the party (State or Defendant) that points out the most detailed facts or is able to point out the lack thereof will win on a motion to suppress the stop.

Anonymous DUI Tipster Arrest? Contact DUI Attorney!

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