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Protecting Yourself From Deficiency and Deficiency Judgements 101 in Florida

Posted by attorney Roy Oppenheim

Foreclosure Defense Attorney brings you Part 2 on Deficiency and Deficiency Judgements 101 in Florida. Oppenheim Law represents hundreds of The differences between deficiencies and deficiency judgement. A deficient is nothing more than a piece of paper, much like a piece of paper. A deficiency judgment should be avoided and Roy Oppenheim discusses how defend and avoid a deficiency judgement at all costs. Defending a foreclosure vigorously may in many times those foreclosures are dismissed. Negotiating with the banks is another option called a structured foreclosure. Unique cases include an exchange for settling the case. Oppenhiem walks you through the scenarios including modifications and short sales. When hardship is demonstrated, deficiencies have been waived or another option is buying off the deficiencies. Oppenheim discusses your options if the bank is pursuing a deficiency.

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