Written by attorney Chad Thomas Van Horn

Procedure to Stop Foreclosure Sale by Filing Bankruptcy in Broward County Florida

  1. Credit Counseling: This will cost you $25.00, and you can get it through the internet to your email. This must be filed with the voluntary petition or your case will be dismissed in a week or so.

  2. Prepare 2 copies of voluntary petition & list of creditors (at least 1 creditor). Make sure you have $274 for a chapter 13 case in cash or money order (no personal checks), or $299 in cash or money order for a Chapter 7.

  3. Take these papers to the Bankruptcy Court located at 299 E. Broward Blvd, Room 112.

  4. Once you get a bankruptcy case number, go to the state court, located at 201 SE 6th Street, 2nd floor.

  5. Go to the foreclosure window, give them a copy of the voluntary petition, tell them the date of the foreclosure sale, and ask them to stop it because you have filed a bankruptcy. Make sure the Clerk at the window physically enters your Suggestion of Bankruptcy in the Computer so that the sale can be stopped.

  6. They will enter the bankruptcy information in the computer. Sale will be stopped.

  7. Then contact a lawyer or legal aid to help you with your case.

  8. Visit the Bankruptcy Court website at http: for more information and forms.

Be careful as bankruptcy is not just a way to stop foreclosure sales, it is a serious decision that comes with many responsibilities. Do not wait until the last second to contact an attorney. This is designed for the people that unfortunately do not find out until VERY late that the bank is attempting to sell the property without giving them due process. Best of luck!

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