Written by attorney Marivel Madamba Zialcita

Probate from A to Z: A Complete Walkthrough on California Probate.

If you have had a loved one die in the recent past, you may be notified that their estate has to go through probate court before it can be distributed. The probate process is a legal matter where all the assets of their estate are identified, their value is determined, any outstanding debts or taxes

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Finally, once all of the above steps have been completed, it will be time to close out the estate. At this stage, all assets of the estate will be distributed to heirs by the personal representative. The distribution must be done in accordance with the Will or other final documents if they are available. If not, they must be distributed according to California laws. Keep in mind that only the assets that must go through probate will be distributed. If other estate planning tools, such as trusts, were used, they likely won’t pass through probate at all. If you have a loved one whose estate will be going through probate, you need to have legal representation to ensure you get everything you are entitled to. If you have been named as personal representative of an estate, it is even more critical that you have an attorney working for you. (The attorney can typically be paid out of the estate). Please contact us to schedule a consultation and learn what we can do for you.

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