Written by attorney Vincent Peter White

Pro Bono or "Free" Representation in Discrimination Matters

In my experience, there are very few "free" or Pro Bono attorneys in the discrimination field. Unfortunately, these cases are very complex and can take hundreds of attorney hours to complete; so asking an attorney to handle a discrimination case for free is very similar to asking a contractor to build you a home for free. Please don't be discouraged though, many attorneys in this field do accept cases on a contingency basis when they feel your case has good potential. A contingency arrangement will allow the attorney to earn a percentage (usually between 33% and 50% depending on your area and the level of experience of the attorney, although I feel 50% is far too high) of what he is able to recover for you in settlement or award. The laws in this field were specifically written to give attorneys incentive to chase down guilty employers on behalf of clients who might not be able to afford an attorney. In this sense, a Plaintiff's side employment attorney is similar in some respects to a bounty hunter. If we do not bring you back a victory, we generally do not profit from the case.

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