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Privacy and Password Protection

Posted by attorney Alan Brinkmeier

Keeping passwords secure for account logins are as important as securing your keys or locking your house and car. Indeed, in today's world, doing so might even be more important. Here are three helpful hints to move you toward protecting your privacy and avoiding identity theft.

Use letters and numbers not easily linked to you--

A combination of letters and numbers for your passwords is advised. Do not just choose common combinations like your initials and your apartment number or your birthdate and your first name. These are too common to actually secure your information.

Change the password access routinely--

If you have not changed your password and login combinations in over a year, it is time to change them. Consider getting onto a password change routine such as twice a year at the beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn. Keep to the schedule so those password and login combinations never get old.

Logout before you leave your screen --

If you step away from your computer screen without doing a logout, the password and login combination remains open and you have no security. Get in the habit of always doing a logout if you leave your computer when it is powered on.


Paying attention to these three simple steps can help you keep your passwords secure and away from those that intend you problems.

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