Written by attorney Stephen D Aarons

New Mexico Pre Prosecution Diversion Program: Pros and Cons

PPDP is a quick detour out of the court system before you ever go to court. This is a big plus as you won't have a criminal record, you won't need to hire a lawyer so long as you can complete your PPDP successfully. It makes sense when you are definitely guilty of the offense, no questions asked. The minus is that you give up your right to a trial, to confront the witnesses against you and to present your own witnesses. You basically admit guilt in a statement to your PPDP officer. The other minus is that you are doing a form of probation and whatever hurdles put on you by the probation officer (s/he will probably use a different title) such a restitution (paying back money the victims lost), counselling (for example, substance abuse or anger management), treatment and community service (volunteering "for free" for a local non-profit group).

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