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Pre-File Investigation

Pre-File Investigations

Evaluating the Evidence Against You

A pre-file investigation is the step in the criminal process when law enforcement investigates the evidence regarding your potential involvement in a crime. This happens before formal charges are filed. During a pre-trial investigation, if there is not sufficient evidence found against the individual, then no charges will be filed. Because of this, the pre-trial investigation stage of the criminal process is incredibly important. If law enforcement does, however, find sufficient evidence against an individual, then formal charges will likely be filed. Rocky Mountain Defenders, P.C. is equipped to handle your criminal case at whatever stage, including during pre-trial investigations.

A person should be informed that they are being investigated in a pre-trial investigation. If you learn that you are being investigated for a criminal offense, this would be a good time to secure the help of a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney from our firm. An attorney can help you understand the process of a pre-trial investigation and prepare you for what to expect. First of all, you should expect to be subjected to questioning regarding the alleged offense. You may be questioned and law enforcement may also attempt to question other people that may have critical information. Before you answer any questions, understand that you have the right to refuse answering questions until your attorney is present.

Although you can hire an attorney even after charges have been filed against you, it is extremely beneficial to hire an attorney right away. By having legal representation from the outset, you may be able to avoid being arrested and having formal charges pressed against you. Without sufficient evidence, law enforcement cannot press charges against you. Lawyers even have the ability to negotiate with law enforcement and challenge any evidence that may be involved at this point in the criminal process.

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If you are under investigation for a criminal offense, it is advisable to secure representation from a skilled attorney. An attorney can step in early on in your case and possible even help you avoid having formal charges filed against you. Our firm's goal is to fight against the evidence against you! Without sufficient evidence, you cannot be charged with a crime. For an attorney that will provide you with relentless representation during even the earliest stages of your case, contact a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer from Rocky Mountain Defenders, PC today.

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