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Power Line Electrocutions and Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

Electrical accidents caused by high voltage power lines can easily cause very serious injury or death. When a power line falls to the ground, anyone can be a victim. Fallen power lines are often attributed to storms, such as high wind or lightning. Sometimes, a high-speed motor vehicle accident will knock down a power pole and cause high-voltage lines to fall, resulting in electrocution death or serious burn injury. When accidents are caused or attributed to deferred maintenance of lines, or improper repair of previously downed lines, the electrical company and other parties may be responsible. While construction workers are the most common victims of power line electrocutions, anyone can potentially be a victim if they come in contact with the line, or the line comes in contact with them.

If you or someone you love is the victim of electrocution by a downed power line, contact a ** California personal injury lawyer** immediately. Choose a lawyer with experience and proven experience handling claims against public utility providers who has the resources, skills, and experience to see justice served for your claim, and help you recover the financial compensation you are legally entitled to recover. Damages may be substantial.

Backyard Power Line Electrocution Accidents

Although they are often referred to as "tragic accidents", power lines should never just fall out of the sky. Many accidents are in fact preventable, and it is often the case that improper maintenance or faulty repairs of previously fallen lines are a factor. In June 2009, a 39-year-old Pennsylvania woman died when a power line fell in her backyard. News outlets reported the same line fell five years earlier, in 2004. A month after the fatal accident, in July 2009, wrongful death suit was filed against the power company, Allegheny Energy. In January 2011, a San Bernardino couple and their adult son were killed when a high voltage Southern California Edison line fell in their backyard and electrocuted them. Multiple news outlets reported that power lines had previously fallen in the family's yard several years earlier.

Accountability, Responsibility and Liability

Power companies are responsible for maintaining their lines and protecting the public from contact with the lines. After any accident involving contact with a downed power line, victims should speak with an attorney. The electrical company may be responsible for your injuries or your loved one's death, and you may be able to recover damages. Other parties that may be liable for the incident may include:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Building code inspectors
  • Architects
  • Construction companies
  • Maintenance companies
  • Government agencies.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Personal injury and wrongful death claims involving downed power lines are very unique and may present complex legal challenges. If you or a family member is a victim of a power line accident or fallen power line electrocution, you should also not be a victim of an unfair resolution with the responsible parties. Contact an experienced downed power line electrocution attorney right away who can help you and your family. Is it always advisable to speak with a lawyer sooner than later, while evidence is most available and witnesses are easily located. Under California law, victims have only a very limited amount of time to bring a claim for injuries or ** wrongful death**.

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