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Immigration and Criminal Defense Attorney In Tampa

Our Tampa Criminal Attorney understands the fear and worry that your family experiences in any deportation defense case. We are your last line of defense in keeping your family together. Our Tampa Criminal Firm is dedicated to fighting your criminal case to help you fight deportation and will help you in any possible way we can to get you the results you’re your family deserves. We have the experience combined with the passion to help you fight and win your case.

If you receive a Notice to Appear or are initially detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the US Government is alleging that you are subject to deportation or removal. There are a number of situations that could lead to Deportation and/or Removal. The most common reasons immigrants or foreign visitors are deemed to be deportable include:

MOST IMPORTANT TO NOTE: just because you are offered a plea involving a finding of withholding adjudication in a criminal case, it DOES NOT mean that you are not being adjudicated guilty pursuant to Immigration law.

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The most important thing you can do is to call a local attorney who knows the local system to help fight your criminal case so the case does not lead to a mandatory deportation. Call (813) 800-1111 Maj Vasigh, PA 101 N. 12TH ST #104 Tampa, FL 33602

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