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Police Brutality Cases

Posted by attorney Mitchell Sexner

Everyday across in large cities across the United States, as well as in smaller towns, police officers exceed their authority and violate the law. Although the vast majority of police officers properly enforce the law and protect society, a small minority of officers sometimes exceed their authority and use excessive force that can lead to severe injuries or death. An experienced police brutality lawyer can discuss your particular police brutality circumstances and to help determine if legal action is the proper course.

In circumstances where a police officer uses inappropriate or excessive force in response to a given situation, a civil rights lawsuit may be the appropriate method to secure financial compensation for our client and to deter future wrongdoing on the part of the police.

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Whether the force used is deadly force, or whether police used physical brutality, excessive or inappropriate use of a Taser, or whether some other negligence on part of the police is involved, the experienced police brutality attorney can help you through this difficult time.

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