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Planning the Powers of Your Personal Representative

Posted by attorney John Roberts

Without advance planning, Probate may be needed to distribute real estate, bank accounts, and other assets. If you have a Will, you designate the Personal Representative who manages your estate. You can also decide what powers the Personal Representative will have over your estate. There are many powers that you may, or may not, want to grant. In Massachusetts, without specific powers regarding real estate, the Personal Representative will have to go back to Court, and pay additional fees to obtain license to sell a house or any other parcels of real estate. Don't leave gaps. Your will can limit or expand the powers of a Personal Representative, to protect your estate, carry out your wishes, and give your estate plan the best chance of working the way you want it to. Law Office of John L. Roberts Serving Clients in Hampden County, Massachusetts Telephone: (413) 567-5600

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