Written by attorney Sean P DuBois

PIP vs. Health Insurance: Why You NEED Both

Personal injury protection is a type of insurance coverage. It is required in some states, like Oregon, where the amount of required PIP coverage is $15,000. PIP will pay your bills after an accident if the otehr does not have insurance or if their insurance is not enough to cover your bills etc.

Some people will ask: But won't my health insurance also pay those bills?

Yes, but health insurance can ask to get reimbursed from any settlement you receive, so you do not want to use your health insurance unless you absolutely have no other choice. For this reason, our firm recommends that, if you can afford it, you add $300,000 worth of coverage to you policy in case of any accidents.

There are some differences between health insurance and PIP that you should know:

  1. PIP will also cover lost wages. HI won't.
  2. HI deductibles must be paid out of pocket, while PIP does not have deductibles.
  3. PIP will also cover passengers in your car, while HI will only cover your personal bills.

These are the reasons you should have both PIP and HI. If you get into an accident, you will want to use your PIP to pay bills and that way, if you do end up filing a claim and getting a settlement, you will not need to pay PIP - unlike health insurance.

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