Written by attorney J. Kirk Rahm

Picking The Best Lawyer For You

  1. Selecting a lawyer based on of the size or frequency of their advertising efforts can result in disappointment. Many of the best lawyers are unwilling to participate in large Yellow Page ads or flashy TV ads, but most of them have helpful websites that are worth taking the time to read through. Because websites provide more detailed and useful information, they tend to be a much better option for finding a lawyer who is the best fit for you and your potential claim. Even the best lawyers do not handle all types of claims, so it is important to make sure that your potential lawyer is experienced in handling the types of claims that you are interested in making for yourself. 2. It is also helpful to begin your search for an attorney by checking with organizations that independently rate or rank lawyers. Finding out how a prospective lawyer compares to his peers could help you determine if he is the right lawyer for you. One of the most popular lawyer rating organizations is Super Lawyers ( This organization identifies the top 5% of lawyers in various areas of law practice. Martindale-Hubbell ( is one of the oldest and most respected attorney rating organizations. Martindale- Hubble creates their list and rankings without solicitation or funding from the attorneys listed, so many believe them to have more credibility due to the fact that it shows which lawyers deserve the highest rankings based upon what they have accomplished, not how much their firm has to spend on advertising. 3. Some lawyers are certified by the American Board of Certification ( The American Board of Certification lists the lawyers who have passed examinations in particular areas of law, and may help you decide who the most qualified lawyers for your case may be. 4. You should always ask for recommendations for quality lawyers. Ask your friends or relatives if they have had a good experience with any lawyers. You can tell a lot about a lawyer by how they have treated their previous clients. 5. Recommendations from other lawyers in the business are helpful as well. Identify individuals who are practicing law in the area; even if they are not practicing in the same type of law you are looking for, people in the legal profession usually know which lawyers around them put out quality work. Peer reviews can be a helpful tool in narrowing down your list of perspective lawyers. Regardless of how you identify an attorney or law firm to potentially represent you, it is important to reserve your decision about whether to retain the attorney or law firm until you actually meet face to face. It is important that there be a compatible personality mix between you and your attorney, and remember to take into account important factors such as how they dress and how they present themselves.

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