Written by attorney Patrick Artur

Personal Property and Asset Forfeiture in Pennsylvania

Under federal and Pennsylvania law, any property that law enforcement thinks was used to commit (or with intent to commit) a drug crime can be permanently confiscated by the police. Forfeiture law also allows law enforcement to take cash or property that they believe was purchased with "drug money." They do not have to prove that it actually was purchased with money from drug sales… but to get it back you must prove that it was not.

The asset forfeiture law poses real hardships for many people, including those wrongly accused of committing a drug crime and family members whose property has been taken.

  • Did you loan your car to a friend who was charged with selling marijuana? The police can take your car, even if you weren't present.
  • Did your boyfriend, son, or spouse sell drugs from your home? Your home could be in jeopardy.
  • Did the police discover a significant amount of cash in your possession when they charged you with a drug crime? Your cash will be confiscated under the asset forfeiture law as drug money or under the belief that it is involved in money laundering.

If your property was seized in relation to a crime, it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible. We will fight to reduce your charges and maintain your reputation.

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