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Personal Injury Claims

Posted by attorney Michael Grennier


Personal injury claims and lawsuits arise when people are injured by careless (negligent) or intentional acts of others or are injured by products that are defective in some way. Personal injuries can be sustained in car accidents, falls, dog bites and others.

The compensation for a personal injury is often paid by the defendant’s insurance company. Insurance companies have become very sophisticated in defending personal injury accidents. If you have suffered a personal injury, you need a strong advocate to fight for you. Insurance companies commonly hire engineering experts to bolster a defense that an accident did not have "injuring producing forces," or there was an assumption of risk, or comparative negligence. You will need help from an attorney who has the expertise and experience to overcome the insurance companies’ defense games. Typical personal injury claims arise from:

Automobile Accidents

Construction Accidents

Dog Bites

Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Wrongful Death

There are strict time limits within which to bring your claim. If you are an injured party, you must contact an experienced Personal Injury attorney immediately.

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